AP payment before invoice date/month

Any solution to prevent issuing AP payment to an invoice before Invoice date? (ex. Invoice is on April, and paymeht is on March.)

How have you managed to generate a payment applied to an invoice before the invoice exists?

I assume it’s user mistake during the payment entry.

You would need to go for customization. But, the requirement doesn’t worth it(my view).

That won’t be a strait process, many customer have pre-payment of invoices in their business processes, if you create some kind of customization it will block this feature.

Setup Payment Journal Workflow ,so that only limited Key ysers will be able to post AP Payments against Invoices.

Hi ,

Preventing Payment before invoicing is a special scenario as many business demands prepayments need to be done. Even if we do prepayments and book a purchase invoice later the payment reference does not come to posted invoice lines . Preventing prepayments will need customization in Dynamics AX .

This is not in standard, invoice date is not a mandatory field, so payment can’t be controlled based on that. System doesn’t restrict payment based on any transactional date. As suggested, customizing this feature is also not a good option, i believe this can be addressed by user training if the transaction volume is not high.