AP Invoice No.

Hi, We have problems with AP Invoice No. with Navision 3.60 SQL, The numbering on the AP Invoice Numbers is set to be manual. A user manually keys in the vendor’s invoice number in the No. field and also in the Vendor Invoice field. Vendor Invoice is used for No field on Invoice. An invoice no of 1111 already posted for vendor 1 then another invoice of 111 for vendor 2 came in. When a user uses 111 again for vendor 2 he get an error message and could not use it again. There are times different vendors have the same invoice no. Is there a way to reuse the invoice number for different vendors? Thanks, Tin

Nope that is not possible. This is exactly the reason why Navision has its own number for Invoices, and there is a field for the external document number. Of course it is possible, technically, but I would strongly recommend against changing the primary key of any existing standard Navision tables to facilitate this. If I were in your shoes, I’d find a way to move to a standard numbering series that has nothing to do with the external number, and only entering the external number in the field that was built for it.

Hi Daniel, You are right. Only entering the no into the external Number is the solution. Thanks for your information. Tin