AP - Invoice Journal Posting error

Hi ,

I created a Invoice Journal to post two invoices with different vendors , When i am posting the Invoice Journal , system throws the error like

There can be only one vendor transaction per voucher.

What is the problem ?

Each invoice journal has to be one vendor, if you have two different invoices from two different vendors then this is two invoice journals.


Seems that you are creating multi line voucher and both debit and credit side has vendor as account type.


You mean to say , Standard AX does not support to post the two different invoices from two differnt vendors in one journal ?


Acc type = vendor and Offset Acc type = Ledger .

It depends upon the structure of your journal and what you are trying to do - you would need to post a screen shot and give more details. You can post a general journal for multiple vendor transactions as an example. If you create a single journal from a PO and try to add in other delivery notes from other vendors without summary it could not post as one invoice, it is this sort of distinction that means it is not possible, but yes it is possible. The simplest answer to your error message and the information provided was to tell you to split it because that is what the system wants you to do based upon what you have done.