AP Aging Report to include invoice

When we run our AP aging report, I choose to include the details on the report parameters. Doing this adds the column “Voucher/Invoice” to the report. However, it always shows the voucher number only; never the invoice number. Is there a way to include or show the invoice number on the report? Or will a developer need to modify this report to include the invoice field? Our accounting department would rather see the invoice number instead of the voucher number.

Adam Mulloy

I have the same request. The problem is the class that pulls in the information never actually grabs the invoice number. I am planning on going into the AOT and modifying the class to pull in the invoice number instead of the voucher number. It would be great to hear from someone who has already done that.

The out-of-the-box report looks at the wrong field. It should look at the Txt field instead of the Voucher field. Alternatively, if you just want to see the invoice and not voucher, you can have a developer modify CustVendBalanceList.addTrans to populate the Voucher field with the invoice number.

As Brian suggested, the CustVendBalanceList class provides a field called “TXT” which contains the voucher/invoice data, however check that VendAgingReportDP doesn’t overwrite that value with the vendor name (in the ProcessReport method)