AOT Synchronisation error

Hi All,

We have a table in USP layer in both live and dev environments. Table id in DEV and live environments are 50019 and 50001 respectively. After dev database is restored with live database, I synchronised AOT in DEV and it failed. Message shown was to drop the table. If clicked No, synchronisation fails. If clicked yes, synchronisation is succeesful but data will be deleted. May I know how table id plays role here? How to overcome this without dropping table?

That’s the expected behavior. Because IDs are different, AX considers the tables as two distinct ones. It will drop the table with the ID that doesn’t exist in the application any more (50019) and creates the new table (50019).

One option would be adjusting data in SqlDictionary table, but that would still keep the problem in place. A better solution is changing the ID to correspond to the Live application. Export the table to .xpo, change its ID there, delete it from USP layer and import it again (with IDs).

Hi Martin,

Thank you very much.