AOT report help. Repeating same line

I’m not sure If I’m posting to the correct place??

I’ve written a report that shows PO’s, po created date, and various other PO detail also along with that they wanted the related PR number and PR submitted date. I have managed to get all the required fields from Purchtable and PurchreqTable but now I have first line of 1 PO repeating several times but this PO has say 8 lines.

Can anyone offer suggestion of what I’ve done wrong?


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Which version are you using? NAV/AX?


AOT is AX. Topic moved from NAV Developers forum to AX Developers forum.

can you please send the query which u have used for report

Hi All,

Thank you all for your response, it’s much appreciated. I ended up figuring it out it turned out it was the joins between my tables