AOS stops while running a report(AX2012 SSRS)

Hi ,

When I run a report , AOS service stops : issue.png

It is a customized report to show sales order lines according to their status(Open order, Invoiced, Cancelled, Delivered).
It is a query based report with ‘Sales Line’ as the data source and the Range is given on sales status.
When the report is run for parameters Cancelled and Delivered it is working fine , but for parameters Invoiced and open order it is taking long time to run and then it gives the message show above and AOS stops.

This issue is coming only for this particular report . We have checked the query and VS project but could not find any problem.
Also , checked if it is a time out issue , where the report is running for too long , but that is also not the issue.

Any idea why this could be happening?

it got resolved!!! as it was some kinda hotfix issue we ran hotfix and issue was fixed thanks…

Hi Rohit,

I’m facing the same issue,can you please give details of the hot fix

Hi Rohit,

can you tell about hotfix or any link ? I am facing same problem on AX2012 feature pack