AOS -SERVER Service Stop working

Hi ,

AX 2012 R2 , AOS Server Service stops automatically twice or thrice in a day during operational hours .

How to identify the root cause of this issue.

Have checked event log but not able get the Correct event Id which cause AOS Service stop issue .

Kindly advise .

Hmm, are you claiming that there is no event log entry for the crashing process? Are you sure you’re looking into the right log on the right machine?

There always should be such an entry, but unfortunately what you find in event logs often isn’t sufficient to identify the problem. Your next option is generating a memory dump on crash and then analyzing this dump (it should contain, among other things, information about the exception and call stacks of all threads).

Event Viewer Log from AOS Server , Hope it’s From Right Machine.

I will try to configure Generating Memory Dump as you suggested .

Thank you .