AOS Server Or Terminal Server

Hi all, My company is just implementing Axapta 3.0 SP3. The users using Axapta at abount 25 users. Now I’m using 2 tier connectivity and the axapta is running too slowly, it can take 1-2 minutes to input 1 Sales Order. Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Should I use the AOS server for 25 users or using a terminal server ? Which solution is the best or maybe any others solutions? regards, Sigit

Hi Sigit, Can you tell some more about your setup ? Are the users on the same LAN as the database server, and is the database server powerful enough ? I would start by only connecting one user just to see how performance is. Next try 10 users,. But generally using a AOS server is a good thing. Terminal server should be considered if you have have very weak computers or are accessing Axapta over the Internet/WAN.

Hi, Two tier may be OK in the LAN environment but in WAN/remote connectivity three tier with thin client is the right option. It should work fine with WTS or Citrix. Without this it may be painfully slow. Regards, Anuj

I agree with Kumar. Over a WAN, do NOT run AOS thinking that it replaces WTS or Citrix ! I know that was the initial intent, but it does not work exactly as planned :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for your suggestion and information… I will try to connect just 1 user to Axapta whether it’s fast or not. Right now I only use 1 server for database server and for Axapta application server. The spec for the server is HP Proliant DL 380 Xeon 2,8Ghz with memory 1Ghz with 3 HDD with RAID 5. All of the users have the same LAN with the database server and the OS at client computers are using Windows 98. Could RAID 5 at the server setup make the connectivity to the Axapta slowly or is it affected by the OS windows 98 that installed on the client computer? So it means that for 25 users is it possible not to use AOS server? regards, Sigit IT

Hi First…the hardware you list should easily service 25 users…also with the application on the same server. And there is no problem in using AOS too, but I would place the AOS on another server. However, we ran into several problems using windows 98 on the clients, and as far as i can remember windows 98 is no longer supported on Axapta 3.0… But I’m not sure whether I confuse it with windows 95. Anyway, it could be interesting to hear what happens if you connect only two clients. 1 w98 and 1 wxp. Furthermore… Have you checked if you have run into locking problems at the database ?