AOS Cluster Management

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We have 3 AOS inside a cluster . What is the usefulness of cluster withour Load Balancer on it and also what is the configurration settings should client(user’s) will use in order to connect to this cluster(witout load balancer) .


Manoj parashar

Hi Manoj

Lets take 2 scenario’s based on AX2009.

A: “Company A wants a cluster but no load balancer, so the client configuration will define how the clients connect”

B: “Company B wants cluster with load balancer, so a dedicated AOS will manage the cluster” The “Load Balncer” is just one AOS handling client connections across the cluster.

So for company A, their client configuration files should show all the AOS’s configured for the application but no AOS should be defined as the Load Balancer within the application (Admin - Setup - Cluster Configuration)

For company B, their client configuration should show only the dedicted load balncer AOS. The dedicted load balancer should be defined in the application (Admin - Setup - Cluster Instances)

The main advantage of not having a load balancer is that if Company B’s load balancing AOS fails they will have to republish a client configuration file to show the other AOS’s.

Similarly in Company A’s case the main advantage of having a load balancer is that if they ever want to add an AOS to the cluster, they don’t have to disturb the client configuration, they can add it seamlesley in the app itself.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Nik M… yes u helped me