AOS and SQL synchronizing Issue

Hi Champs
I am facing an issue in MS Dynamics AX 2009, I have enabled “Created Date Time” and “Created By field” in AOT, when I am browsing the table from AOT it is showing these fields but when I am trying to fetch this from SQL using queries like {Select * from table_name} it gives an error, “invalid column name”.
I have synchronized the table from AOT but it is not working.


Hi AG,

Correction -

Should have read the post more clearly.

You did not mention your query. But please see whether this helps -

It will never fetch the result from SQL as you can also not see the above mentioned fields under AOT ->Data Dictionary ->Tables → → Fields .

These fields normally exist in database (with names CreatedBy and CreatedDateTime). They’re not shown in field list in AOT because they’re handled by system - the same is true for RecId, RecVersion, DataAreaId and other fields.