Anyone using Modeling Tool

Hi all, I was wondering if there are people out there who are using the Modeling Tool to capture your customer’s business processes and what would be your recommendation. I am trying to get a start on the modeling tool, but I’d need some practical example to get a clearer idea of the whole structure of a UML project… anybody who would be available to help out and to provide a simple example?? Saldos Nils

Michael, I myself don’t use it, but I know our consultants have done a pilot with some danish MBS people for testing purposes, and now are using it for every new implementation. Besides that we also use it to design and maintain our add-ons. The reactions are positive, only the first couple of times it will take some more time to get used to using another tool.

Peter can you pl provide some more details. Like what is the tool etc. Regards, Anuj

Kumar, the modeling tool, as it says, is a tool that helps you to model business processes of your customers or business sectors and to design a functional solution for your requirements. It’s based on UML and takes a couple of the UML diagrams (not all of them). You can download it at Partnersource. Saludos Nils

Peter, would it be possible to share a practical example of one of the try outs your collegues have been working on… my main problem is to find out all the “hidden” features as there is no complete, practical manual. The online help is rather theoretical. My e-mail is Thanks a lot. Nils

Nils, can’t do that, I am sorry, the projects that have been finished are classified (as they have been berformed for security agency’s). Besides, I wouldn’t knwo what to share as I am not even able to open the samples on my computer because I don’t have the tools installed. Have you tried to contact Microsoft about it? In the Netherlands workshops are organised to learn how to work with it.

Peter, ok, I understand perfectly, thanks for the effort anyway. Regarding workshops the situation is rather difficult for us here in Columbia as we are the only Navision Partner in the whole region but I will see if I can find some info on Partnersource. There is definitly no chance to find such a workshop in whole Latinamerica [V] Thanks & saludos Nils

We have started using the modeler as well. There are some examples in the On Target Toolkit that may be of help.

Geert, do you refer to the Visio examples in the On Target Toolkit or are there proper “Modeling Tool” format ones? If it’s in Modeling Tool format, would you mind sending me those examples, as I won’t have the latest On Target version then (the one I have is from World Conference 2001). Thanks & saludos Nils

Hi all, I have the OnTarget Modeler CD. However, when I install and un the program; it gives an error that “we do not have a valid license etc.”. The MBS/Turkey people say that the NSC licenses that we have (though fully functional on all development issues)are not valid for the OnTarget Modeler. An experienced trainer from PartnerPower of Denmark says that “the program is not on distribution, since the software is not yet well functional. Some bugs exist and some vital functions are not complete. Therefore the software can not be used…” Therefore, I wonder, how come that, some people in this forum say they are able to use, and some still require assistance (like me) and authorities speak differently. What is the real story? What type of license or key is required to run the software? Or am I speaking about a totally different issue? A different tool perhaps exist etc. ?..!..? Thanks in advance, for your kind cooperation. Esat/Omni - Turkey

Esat, Well the tool you mentioned is the one. We are able to use it here in India and had to request for a license extension from the NTR to use it. It is also true that this is a starting or beta of the product initially conceptualized as has serious performance and functional issues. I have tried using it but all i can do is to use it plan for small customizations.Any Large cases, conditions and I get a crash. I also am not sure the fate it will meet with MBS in. Maybe VISIO will be the natural migration. let us see.

At texh2003 Microsoft gave demonstrations of the MBF, which was quite impessive, even though it is not even close to alpha. basically you created business models that look like visio (but i was assured wasn’t visio), and it creates the xml and generates the code in visual studio that then compiles and runs your business app.

Hi David, have you seen the running solution of this ? How does it work ? Which overhead compared to ‘standard’-programming methods ? Is there a fact-sheet ?

sorry, it was pre alpha, if you want to see it you will have to go to one of the MS road shows. It was impressive. Yes it was running, they had one on one seminars. Basically you enter basic paramaters as properties of an object, then drag and drop the object like drawing a visio flow diagram. Then just hit a button, and its done. I am sure it has a long way to go, but MBF and green are going to be interesting. Could it mean we won’t need programmers? In any case analysis skills are going to be more important.

Could you tell me if this tool will be able to do the following things : 1 - Coupling Business Process with Navision’s programs ? 2 - Coupling Businness Process with users ? 3 - Generate Automatic Menu and Businnes Process by user ? 4 - Generate Workflow desktop by user ? Thanks for your answers.

Hi All, I have read the above text, and started to use the Tool as well. I was wondering what you re experiences are, after using it for more than a year? Also, does somebody know where I can find the option to make actual code of the diagrams? As mentionded above with Visual Studio. /Sven

I also use the modelling tool. I use the document Navision Implementation tool Extended User Guide.doc as a guide. But this guide is written for navision 3.70. The Navision Implementation tool Extended User Guide.doc is not for the 4.00 version. Is there also a guide for 4.00?

Leon, would you mind sharing this Extended User Guide? I haven’t heard of it but as you mention it, it might be useful when using the toolkit. My mail is I don’t know if there exists a version for Navision 4, but there shouldn’t be too many differences in that aspect between 4 and 3.70. Thanks a lot Nils

Hello Leon, I’m very interested in the guide, too. Could you send it to me ( Actually I am searching for a case-modelling tool like the one which is mentioned here. I google for it, but I didn’t find something about… How is it called? Thx Chris

Hello Please sent also this document to me. John Rosenberg, Telebilling a/s