Anyone using Jet reports with Navision Attain?

Hi I am a super user in Scotland who recently saw demo of Jet reports which would allow me to create excel reports linking into the data from my attain SQL database and before I proceed to purchase the new application i wanted to know if any of you have already done so and what sort of problems encountered/gains you have experienced since you started using it. I like the look of the demo i had and my finance director is dead keen for my company to go ahead and purchase i just want to be sure that there aren’t any pitfalls ahead.

Since we have a very complicated setup with dimensions we decided to go with Targit software instead ( Setup is complex but works fine after that.

Julie Contact Passport Software in Chicagoland and ask them about their recent client who is using it. I worked with them last year on a importer and distributor of durable consumer goods. Contact is Rance Clouser. Passport Software, Inc. 3801 W. Lake, Suite 300 Glenview, IL 60025 Local: 1-847-729-7900 Regards Len

Jet reports is really a very easy and powerful tool.

We sell it quite often. Our clients love it, and have done up some very impressive reports with it.

Hi Julie I have just been through some training sessions on Jet Reports and it is really quite impressive, the only point I would make is that it does assume the designers of the reports have advanced skills in Excel, if they do then they can do some excellent reporting. I particularly like the fact that it is easy to report on the Dimensions that are not set as the Global Dimensions. Cheers Peter

We reviewed the feature and capabilities of Jet Reports and found that we could complete all reporting and more using standard Microsoft tools such as SQL, OLAP and Excel. Alternatively we can produce complex and fast reports using the Navision Report Designer. In the final (?) analysis you must be guided by your requirements and budget.

Navision report designer versus Jet Reports is basically a question of deploying the information and what kind of visuals you want. One of the key areas that I always felt was lacking in Navision was a way to include charts that provided adequate visuals to back up the data on ther report. In addition, these reports can be sent to anyone that has Excel on the system. This really helps out companies that have power users on Excel to access Navision information without adding another Navision session. For example, we’ve got a client that is a brokerage firm and the visual aspect of the reporting is critical in managing it’s clients portfolios. When making key decisions, these people expect only the cleanest and “sexiest” reports available. While Account Schedules could do the basics, it just wasn’t enough for them. They chose Jet Reports and couldn’t be happier.

The only had 2 complaint about Jet Reports from my clients 1. It’s pretty expensive 2. “Why didn’t you sell this to us before?” For companies that are comfortable with Excel and want to make their own reports it is a great product. Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions.