Anyone using FRx with Navision 3.70 ?

Does anyone use Microsoft FRx with Navision 3.70? I would appreciate any general comments about FRx Thanks

I’ve since found out that there’s no FRx interface for Navision yet, like there is for Great plains. Theyre still working on it.

As far as I know there’s no interface FRx/Navision.

Funny that I should see this today as we are just dealing with a prospect that is enamoured with FRx and is leaning towards Great Plains because of this one issue. We are looking at Jet Reports and since they’ve “upgraded” their product earlier this year, the ease of creating reports and reporting in Jet Reports is similar to the ease in FRx. The advantage with Jet Reports is that the reports are not limited to Financial reporting. Some of the purported advantages of FRx are: Ease of emailing/Web enabling of the reports Trending or forecasting ability based on historic data Comprehensive drill down from any report

This is all unofficial, but I have had 3 different FRx employees and 2 Navision US employees tell me that the interface between FRx and Navision has been designed, written and is beginning to be tested. I hope they are right; FRx would be a GREAT addition for Navision. Generally speaking, Navision Account Schedules excel at account analysis; FRx is superior at report presentation (cosmetics) and report distribution. We have converted many Solomon users to Navision and FRx is about the only thing they miss having.