Anyone has successfully pull out Purchasing Quotes in Jet report from Navision?

Hi Community,

I’m trying to pull out information from Purchase Quotes into Jet report.

However, I can’t seems to find the right table to pull this. I wonder if anyone can advise.

Previously I have experience pulling information from Purchase Order by using Purchase Lines. So I tried to do the same but using the same Purchase Lines, doesn’t seems to pull out the information from Purchase Quotes.

May I ask in Navision, what table should I pull out?

Hopefully, I can ask some help here.

Thank you.

Both purchase quotes and purchase orders are registered in tables 38 Purchase Header and 39 Purchase Line. You differentiate Quotes from Orders by filtering using field Document Type which contains the following options Quote,Order,Invoice,Credit Memo,Blanket Order,Return Order.


Thanks for your suggestion.

I don’t see Document Type in the Purchase Quote.

I wonder if you can show me the steps how to find it?

Thank you!

Try to copy this in your Jet Reports:
=@NL(“rows”;“Purchase Line”;;“Document Type”;“Quote”)

If that does not work, I am wondering if we talk about the same type of database type, as this table has been the same for many years.

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