Anyone do a "Catch Weight" mod?

Anyone ever done a Navision mod to handle catch weights? If so, how?

What is “Catch Weight”? Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.


Hi, We did three different modifications for this: 1. Meat distributor – (They buy and sell meat in boxes. Each box has different weight. All prices established per KG. They control inventory in boxes.) We created additional field “Qty. of Boxes” and insert this in all tables (Purchase Line, Sales Line, Item entry). 2. Jewelry Company - (They need to control Diamond inventory in CT. All production in PC. Each PC has different CT weight.) We create “Flow Unit Of Measure”. Base UOM is CT. Production UOM is PC. User needs to enter two quantities and system recalculate “Qty. per Unit of Measure” field on fly. The main problem in this case was with “Remaining Qty” in production. Standard system applies Base Quantity and client asked for application in PC. 3. Alcohol Company – (they need to control Qty of spirit in absolute alcohol. Each time they receive spirit with different % of alcohol 95.5-96.5.) We add additional field “% of alcohol”. Each time user enter % system create new unit of measure if it does not exist. Let say user enter “% of alcohol” 95.789. System will create new UOM with code ’95.789’ and “Quantity per Unit of Measure” 0.95789. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

4 - fruit & vegetalbe company: Items are sold either in kg or by piece. Sometimes the customer orders 1 box of carrots (so the box has to be put on the weight) sometimes he orders 1 box of carrots with 12 kg. Sometimes he wants a box with 6 bags of carrots, 2 kg per bag or a box containing 8 foodtainers with 4 Mangos each. ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian