Any way for recording Deposit?

Hi all,

Do you have any experience or idea on how to post deposit on Sales Order on specific G/L account? We would like to register the prepaid to “Deposit” account upon Sales order confirmed, and hence record a lower AR.

Any suggestion or other better way to do this?



Hi Podolly,

This is all standard since Version 5.0 including prepayment payment discount

What version are you on ?

We are using NAV 4.0 SP3, as we have applied localization package, we didn’t consider upgrading to 5.0 at the moment.

Do you think there is any way to do this?

Many thanks.


Hi Podolly,

You can code this but if effect you are “re-inventing the wheel”. Talk to your NSC to see if its possible to do a technical upgrade to 5.0 and just implement this functionality. It will depend on how much customising and localizing is done for you.

Barring this you are stuck with posting the payment and (manually or by code) linking it to the order, keeping a track of the payment discount allow.

Hope this helps

Just do it the way most NAV users have been doing it since the DOS version of Navision.

Just put a negative GL amount on the invoice as a line item marked as deposit. With the GL account being the Deposit GL account.

Hi, Thanks for your suggestion. We now work in the way as you mentioned. Upon confirming the order, we issue an invoice to the customer with deposit amount to the G/L Account. Upon shipping the goods, we issue the invoice with the full amount on 1 line (type as item), negative the deposit amount on another line (type as G/L account).