Any Suggestion on Nav or AX

Dear All,

I am a new user who searching for the software between Dynamic Nav or Dynamic AX. Since the management have the preference on Nav while when I have my self study, I discover that AX is more suit to our need. Looking forward for more input from various user on which system suggestioin.

Below is our industry charateristic:

  1. Highly customized finish product with dynamic combination of BOM structure

  2. Various UOM to control the same finish goods in the production floor

  3. Various UOM to control the same raw material from PO to store to production. (eg. PO buy in KG, but receive in PCS, system need to be able to convert based on factor to identify the PO receive in full.)

  4. Need to generate several document including invoice and some technical chemical contents in QC report for attachment.

  5. 1 Sales Order may consist hundred of lines and after convert into production order. Planner need to be able to do the planning by grouping all similar material to decide whether process order or need to purchase material.

  6. System need to be able to issue PR and required the PR flow for approval.

  7. Keep track on the shipping method structure within the system. Able to show the outstanding shipping in progress within the system.

Lastly, can any senior of member from here can advice me with what is the general difference between the Nav and AX, since we need to differentiate in term of

a) Functionality

b) User Friendliness

Thanks sincerely for all the input provided.