ANy Connect VPn is Clossing Ax 2012 Client

Hi All,

I am Sachin and I am facing issue in Any Connect VPN (Cisco) and once my VPn connection is established my AX 2012 client is going shutdown. Even AOS is running but AX client is stopped. Complete details as below :

We are facing some issue in AX 2012 client when we are using Any connect VPN (CISCO) in our Ax servers.
Issue is like that we want to connect our Client –TFS through our Local Ax Machine and network connectivity is Any Connect VPN (Cisco) provided by My Client. Issue is mention as below:

  1. We started AOS, and AX client and then try to connect ANY Connect VPN (cisco) in Ax server
    (local) with existing user id and password.

  2. Once VPN connection is connected through Client Network my AX application is going to close. It’s not responding and AX Client is going to stop working.

  3. I have checked MY AOS is running and VPN connection is also running but AX client has closed. If I am trying to open AX 2012 client again then I am getting error message “ The Server is Unavailable, Please contact to System Administrator” even AOS is running proper.

  4. Then I tried to first connect Any Connect VPN then opening or starting AOS and AX client but its not working.

I cannot understand why my Ax client is going to Close. It’s very urgent and I need to connect my client TFS through Ax via Any Connect VPN (Cisco).

Any one can help on this issue as its very urgent for solution.