any body has tried new templates for user portal

well anyone has found any particular use for the new templates that came out in user portal ??? any adventurers ?? regards jeremy aka lanman life is better simplier

Do you mean: Real, commercial use right now? The answer is no. The current version of UP is not ripe yet. But nevertheless: Like many developers I experiment and play with UP on my own w2k home-server. There is soooooo much to learn: XML/XSL Syntax, style-sheets, definitions, how these many .js and .asp scripts in the complicated structure of dashboard/UP work together etc. etc. All this knowledge will be needed if Navision Attain is being released. ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

yup ,kinda developing up now , well first in the world i must say :P. yes , lots of things to work on , navision has not released their cronus kind of database and all is starting from stretch. sure hope they would come out with a better manual and hopefully a better overall performance up system :slight_smile: regards jeremy aka lanman life is better simplier