Any 1 of the 2 users can approve

How do i setup and a Workflow Group Approval in such a way the any 1 from the 2 users can approved instead of both to approve.

You can set up your Workflow User Group so that both users have a Sequence No. of 1. Then, within the workflow, set the condition for ‘An approval request is approved’ to be Pending Approvals: <2, like so:

This setup approves an approval request on behalf of one approver if the other has already approved it. You should be able to set this up for as many users as you’d like – just be sure to the add them to the Workflow User Group and update the Pending Approvals condition accordingly.

@Sneha - Interesting solution. I had a similar requet recently. Except the number of possible approves was a moving target. Thus making the “Pending Approvals < X” diffficult to maintain. I ended up creating 2 event subscriptions to “OnBeforeApproveSelectedApprovalRequest” and “OnRejectApprovalRequest”. These would delete the remaining approval request.


I have done the same as requested still both users have to approved. See screenshots of my configurations.

Workflow settings

Workflow user Group Setting.

Please advise