Another Req Worksheet Issue - Help.

Hello Everyone: I have another requisition worksheet issue that we are experiencing and I’m hoping someone may have some insight into this issue. This post revolves around how the req. worksheet works with a Sales Order which has multiple releases of the same item. Here is the example and our results with Attain’s Req.Worksheet. Attain DB 3.7B Replenishment System = Purchase Reorder Point = 2800 pcs Maximum Qty = 4200 pcs Order Multiple = 50 pcs We do not have anything set in the Dampener (Time) or Dampener (% of lot size) fields. Currently we have 3,824 pieces on hand. A customer places an order for this item with multiple releases. The sales order consists of three lines. The first line is 1000 pcs with a planned ship date (psd) of 10/6/05, the second line is for 500 pcs with a psd of 11/1/05 and the third line is for 3000 pcs with a psd of 12/1/05. Taking the on hand qty into account, the first line does not drop us below our minimum qty of 2800 pcs. The second line does take us below our minimum qty. At this point we should get a reorder suggestion in the req worksheet to get us back to our max level. The third line would once again take us below the minimum qty and therefore the req. worksheet should tell us to order more for delivery by the ship date. When running the Req. Worksheet we put in the “Order Date” of Today (9/31/05) with an ending date of 12/31/05. The requisition worksheet only suggested one purchase line. It told us to purchase 1900 pieces due on 10/31/05, but it did not tell us to order more for delivery by 11/30/05. I’m hoping you all can tell me if anyone else has experienced this problem. I am not ruling out that this problem could be a set up issue. Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jerry

Hi Jerry I have no access to 3.70 currently but will test this in 4.0 when you tell me the reordering policy!

Steve: Sorry about that, I had it written down but forgot to type it in. Our reorder policy is Maximum Qty on this item. Actually we’ll be using Maximum Qty for all of our items. Thanks again for the help.

Hi Jerry When I went through the historical logs to find the previous issue you had it took a while as the amount of issues with the reordering policy of “Maximum Qty” were numerous. I feel you are going to continually hit issues with this policy sorry[V] I ran this one through in version 4. I took your Maximum Qty setting to be the Maximum Order Quantity field and left the Maximum Inventory field at zero, I trudt this was correct. Anyway with your settings the requisition worksheet produced two new suggestions. The first for 500 due on 11/02/05 and the second for 3000 due on 12/01/05. This seems pretty fair to me, so I would say it is an issue with the system and not the set-up. However please check one thing for me. You will be holding stock and loading orders on one default location I presume and you are not using sku’s, can you just make sure the “Components at Location” in the manufacturing set-up is set to this location and it is not blank, as this will have an affect on the suggested reorders.

Steve: The Maximum Qty I was referring too is the “Maximum Inventory”. We do not plan on using maximum order qty field. Currently the “Components at Location” field in the MFG setup is blank. I’m not sure which location I’d put in this field because we have multiple locations. Our corporate headquarters is in Cleveland, Ohio with an off-site production facility down the street, a distribution facility down the street, another distribution facility in Oklahoma and various off site vendors who produce finished goods for us scattered throught the Ohio region. We will be using SKU’s for all of these locations and each SKU card will have the reorder policy of Maximum Qty (with the appropriate qtys filled in for Maximum Inventory and Reorder Point. I hope this helps. Your first reply about the large number of issues that goes along with a reorder policy of “Maximum Qty.” is disheartening. We have spoken with our solution provider and they are working with Microsoft to fix the first issue I noted. I’m hoping that this can also be resolved. If you have any further suggestions please let me know. Cheers.

Steve: One quick question. If you were to recommend a reorder policy that is more stable… which one would it be?

Hi Jerry I will retest later with the new settings. With regards to the Components at Location setting if it is left as blank and you are not using sku’s Navision can start planning at the blank location, it differs per version, but one consistency is leaving it blank will cause issues in some situations. The one I favour, simply because I have encountered less issues with is Fixed Reorder Quantity. Allows me to define my reorder level and a reorder quantity to re-buy. That said depending upon the version and settings will depend upon whether it is issue free or not. I should get to your settings tomorrow.

Steve: Since we are using SKU cards should I still put something in the “Components at Location” field in MFG (even though we are using Job Manager)? I’d also like to ask if I should also place something in the Dampener Time and Dampener (% of Lot Size) fields. Would entering information in these fields change how the req. worksheet calculates? Currently all three are blank. Thanks in advance.

Hi Jerry The components at location, as I understand it, causes issues when SKU’s are not used, and it is left blank. I would recommend setting it to one location re-running the plan and seeing if anything alters! I am afraid I am not aware of what Job Manager is. With the dampner settings the time will reduce the replanning messages where the requirement shifts by “x” days, this will simply allow you too being goods in too early, however if the sales order is moved in it will still tell you to re-plan. The size refernces the lot size on the item card as a percentage, I am unsure if you populate this field as most do not. This will prevent replanning messages where you are buying too much by the percentage of the lot, however if you are not buying enough it will still tell you to change the quantity. At least that is how I remember them working - I do get a little confused! Just found this - I was so much more eloquent in my younger days! [:D]