Another question from one of my users...

I have been sent the email below. It originally contained three questions. On the two remaining, I have already advised that I do not believe that it is possible and that alternative policies may need to be written instead… any input would be useful (to back up my case or to shoot me down [:)]) 2. is there any way of controlling who can print orders out? For example a purchasing officer can only print out orders up to £5000 and only the purchasing manager can print out orders above £5000 but below £25,000 etc giving us an authority control 3. Is there a way to limit the times you can print out an order? For example if you want to look at the printed version of an order before it is completed it would have say ‘TEST’ written on it and after you have printed the official order out all other versions would have COPY written on them Hope this makes sense!! Lex Dallaway Procurement Officer Thanks in advance for any ideas… Mark

You will need some minor coding in both cases 2 On printing you can look at printing only if role= x and amount is y to z 3 You can preview the order on screen or lokk at test report. You would need 2 new section in the report, one saying original and one saying test. If no printed = 0 then one section would be printed else the other. That is a simple version which would not take very long, and can be refined with any improved processes.

Look at report 206 for an example. It counts the number of times the invoice has been printed. Placing a limit on the number of printouts or choosing different sections depending on the number should be quite easy to implement.