Another problem with a two server installation

I have installed two database server services on a customer server box using all the documented procedures (copy server directory, modify hosts and sevrices file & created services from the command line etc). I’m sure I have got the procedue right as I tested it on my laptop and managed to get the two services running concurently. However, on the server both of the services are created OK but I am only able to start one of them. If I start service a, b will not start and visa versa. Does anybody have any idea what it is in the setup that is causing this problem? Thanks in advance… Chris

Not sure what you problem is, it could be just about anything, (probably soemthing to do with cache, or the database name). I do hope that your client has in fact purchased two seperate licences? Still if you need help, you do at least need to let us know what you did. Things to try are to turn commitcache off, lower the cache, remove the database name. Also try to run the server from a DOS prompt instead of starting the service.

Check registry, maybe services opening the same fdb file ?

Had the same problem overhere, deleted dbms.zup and try to start manually for 6 times and it worked.