... and now the database is in pieces

hi there. i just started to compile every object in my local develop DB and my computer hung. i restarted the machine and the database could not be opened anymore. as soon as i open the DB it gives me the error that other “concurrent” activities have used up the space that containted my snapshot of data, i should wait for them to finish. but no freakin activity is going on on that file. now it used to be a 2.60 DB … with the 2.60 client it wont open. i converted it an tried with the 3.60 client. nothin. i even tried to open it with the developer toolkit. now id like to ask if there is any way i can get my objects out of that piece of crap now. i HOPE so …

Try copying the database to a new name and then opening the new file. This has worked for me before.

It sounds like “database corrupted”. try “read only”-modus with client opens database directly. It is a commandline parameter . (Which ??)

already tried that. still the same error. damn. read only? whats that?

Try installing the server program and connecting it to this database. Who knows? Maybe it works…

server is up an running but i still get the same error. even the read-only thingie didnt get me any further.

I’m having the same problem with a customer database. Do you solved the question? And if you solved, how? Best Regards Paulo

You can’t do much with a databas after that kind of crash. The bug that’s causing the problem is removed from version 3.01B and later.

I remember reading a thread in this forum, not very long ago, where someone reported having serious problems with a database. Some specialist guy working for Navision Australia was able to reconstruct the database using special tools. Your best bet is to contact Microsoft directly or maybe even Navision’s HQ in Denmark. If someone can do something, it will be them.


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I remember reading a thread in this forum, not very long ago, where someone reported having serious problems with a database. Some specialist guy working for Navision Australia was able to reconstruct the database using special tools.

Here’s the link for this thread : http://www.navision.net/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=4388 I was in the same boat last month We did restore a full backup Good Luck! Tarek

I am having the same problem. My database is 3.10 B. We had a problem with a brown out and now the database will not do anything. It gives me the concurrent activity snapshot error everytime. I am at a loss. Thought I may try renaming the DB, reinstalling the client, and reinstalling the server.

After testing primary keys and trying to identify the errors. I have Db structure errors on primary keys related to the sales line. It has corrupted most of the important tables on a small subset of data, but it is not allowing me any control over removing it. I was able to salvage one company and the common data/ objects. Also had a weird occurence in which the allocation of free blocks uses whatever space I expand the DB into. (i.e. expand database from 30GB to 40 GB then first client connects “allocating free blocks” → error not sufficient space available → Database Used = 40 GB.) Time to extracting the relevent data from the corrupt company. If anyone has any great ideas. Owen

Have you tried Dataporting the data out of the tables in the database?

Nelosn, I am facing the same problem the issue is that (well for me any way) there seems to be no way to access the database. We do not even get the Login screen. Just upon opening the database (Server or Local) we get the concurrent error. The database my client is using is 3.70 and it is a 10GB database using around 5GB of space. Any help in this matter would be appreicated otherwise it of to MS we go. Regards Omair

Omair, as you can see from the posts, this is a n old error. The referenced post cby the way can now be found at http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=4388 The error discussed here, occured only in certain versions of Navision. 2.00 2.50, 2.60D and 3.01A to my knowledge. It may be that your error is something different. Can you please post the exact error message, so we can see what it is.

Hi David, I had read that topic and that is exactly the error message that my client is getting. However my client is running Navision 3.7. As soon as we try to access the database we get this error message. “Other concurrent activities have reused the available space in the database that contained your snapshot of data. This can occur with time consuming tasks such as printing or making backups. Wait until there are fewer concurrent updates of the database and try again. If this occurs often, you should create more available space in the database. …” I have tried accessing it through Client, Server and using command lines. Even copied it on to three different disks but no cigar. The Good News is that we have solved the issue (just five minutes ago) without having to send it to MS. All it needed was a simple defragmenting and disk repair. The issue was that the database was on some bad sectors and even when we copied the database those bad sectors were copied with it. So defragmenting the hard disk and doing your normal disk repair worked. We have full access to the database again. Thanks for your input. I hope this is helpful to others facing similar issues. Regards Omair

Be sure to run a full test on the database. It should also be a good idea to take a backup and restore it again. Just to make sure that the data inside has not been damaged. Because you may have recovered the file, but without testing the data you can not be sure that you have recovered the database.

Very glad to see you recoered the database. But I must urge you to follow Nelsons advise. You should be creatign a full backup, and create a whole new database from scratch. Prefereably on new hard drives.