Analysis Views

Does anyone know if there is a problem with analysis views on version 5.0? I have a customer who system is very slow, and sometimes grinds to a halt when these are marked as “Update on Posting” - Yes.

I know it might slow the system down a fraction, but not so much that it grinds to a halt?

The problem mainly appears to be with Item Analysis Views.

Any ideas?


Hi Andrew,

This will depend on the number of views / level of analysis. Have you considered turning off the automatic update and scheduling the update codeunits - Update Analysis View & Update Item Analysis View

Perhaps the extra couple I have added, pushed the system over the edge! I was considering this, its just such a pain, especially as the customer work from 8 to 8, not leaving much time to do backups, and updates!

These are mainly for Jet Reports, so perhaps I can just write the reports differently!



Hi Andrew,

Review the existing ones as I commonly find that they are not all still required. Also the date compress can have a big effect.

When you say Date compress, is it better to have monthly or day ones? Which way has a bigger impact?

Hi Andrew,

I have found the higher the compress the fewer entries and the faster the update - although I must say it’s highly dependant on the machine spec.

Some more:

  1. How many Fiscal Years you already have in the database? Not all Analysis Views need data from all the history - consider putting some StartDate, and all before this date will be commpressed in one single entry.

  2. Do you always need ALL G/L Accounts included? Consider some filtering here, too.

  3. Now comes the worst - how many Dimensions you have? Include only those needed, because a zero amount entry will be included with every unused Dim for every GL Acc, Date etc combination. I even sometimes have made TWO Analysis Views with differ “by Dims” included.

All this is different for each Client, but better are 2-3 smaller AV’s than one huge one including everything for everyone. Now I have about 12-15 AV’s some of them incude even as little than couple of accounts only (e.g. Revenue) by Dimensions.

Best way to evaluate is looking at AV table`s size - if it is tenths of times your GL Entry, you must consider some optimizing. It CAN be such size, but the you must have serious reasons for that, and then only Update on Postig = No will help keep posting speed normal, especially with many concurrent users.