Analysis View Entry not matching the G/L

We have an Analysis View for one of our dimensions. The Analysis View is set up for Date Compression = Day and we have a job queue entry that updates the Analysis VIew every hour. We have found a variane between the G/L and the Analysis View. We traced one of these variances back to a specific G/L on a specific Day.

I then was able to trace the variance back to a specific document (in this case a Production Order). I now see that the Analysis View doubled its entry. The G/L has -1,245.17 for that specific production order but the Analysis View is for -2,490.34. I went back to the production order and found that all the G/L entries for that Production Order had doubled in the related Analysis Entries.

Has anyone ever seen this before (we are on NAV 2018)?

I have a few ideas on how to fix but not pretty so I am open to suggestions.


How are you? Is the Job Queue because you post the entries in the evening and not have Automatic Cost Posting on? I have scanned looking for a noted bug but did not find any. Maybe other DEV folks on the Forum might reply. In the meantime, since the entries post the Analysis Views Entries table you could delete the duplicate rows via access to the Developer client. This is the first idea I can at least say and I hope others chime in.



Doin good, thanks for the reply!

We have a job that runs ever hour to update the Analysis View and we do have Automatic Cost posting on. For performance reasons we do not have the Analysis View “Update On Posting”. Though I am considering turning this back on as it might solve the problem going forward.

In most cases I can’t delete the entry since it is summed with other unrelated entries. I could reduce the amount but the real trick is figuring out which entries are off and changing those.

Another solution might be to delete the Analysis View and simply rebuild it but who knows how long that will take.

I’ll keep you posted on what I end up doing.


Just a thought… What if you took a backup of PROD and deleted the Analysis View. Ran and timed the rebuild of the Analysis View table. Then you will know how long, if reasonable, to rebuild. If it takes too many hours, a thought is you config package out the entire table, from the backup/Sandbox, and populate PROD. Just thinking outside the box.



Thanks for the suggestion, Steve (good out of the box stuff). Just spoke with our partner and they had similar thoughts about seeing how long it currently takes to “refresh” the view. Turns out our Test environment is only about 4 months out of date compared to Live so a good place to test this. I changed the “Starting Date” in the Analysis view which deletes all the entries for that Analysis View. To my surprise this only took 20 minutes! Then I changed the “Starting Date” back to the original date and updated the View which only took 25 minutes!

So there is the solution which is to basically to rebuild the entire view in under an hour (no mods needed).

Just for reference here are the number of records that were deleted and reinserted so if you ever need to do this you can get an idea on how long it might take depending on the number of records you have:

Specific Analysis View Entries: 1,303,381

Specific Analysis View Budget Entries: 678,407