analysis view cannot changed because it locked error

Hi guys i see this message but in sales order when i make post and print “analysis view cannot changed because it locked by another user please wait”

how i solve this proplem

Please no any one have solving to this proplem

Maybe try this here:

if i go database - information -session then delete all current session this will solve the problem


I read this article but it reduce the problem not solving. are there are any way to prevent blocking concept in program if possible


Remove Update on posting checkmark for Analysis View(s) - with many concurrent users trying to post, plus, if there are MANY analysis views, this err occurs. Additionally, revise the analysis views as such - do you really need all of them… I’ve seen a system, where ~20 AVs were trying to update on every post, but person who created them was gone 2 years ago, nobody used those anymore, they actually didn’t even realize their presence :slight_smile:

PS but that doesn’t mean you do not need to optimize & finetune your DB, follow Jorg’s advices.

thank you for reply. i have also one thing in this case how i apply sift table to improve my system


What do you mean by Apply SIFT table to improve system ???

thanks Mr amol for reply because i read before more times you can prevent lock table by turn off maintain sift to keys of table are this true

so that if i apply this in this case which key i can make to him turn off maintain sift



We can have look following links to overcome and understand the locking issue in Navision

As well as look at Jorg blog

Remove Update on posting check mark for Analysis View(s) this meaning remove check mark before i create new analysis code or remove check mark after i create new code in analysis view


'Update on Posting ’ means it will update the analysis view during transaction posting .

It is advisable that during transaction posting Untick 'Update on posting ’ and at the month end or whenever you required then update the analysis view.

according to what you say this meaning in last of month make check in “update on posting” not press to update button

but please reply for me to confirm this information


If Update on Posting is unchecked, that means exactly what the caption says - your Analysis views will NOT be in sync.

When somebody needs them, s/he can enforce synchronization by pressing Update now, the process takes some time, but usually Analysis views are not used every day. Only putting back the checkmark will NOT update AVs - that is why there exists an option Update now…