Analysis View after Consolidation process

Hi, Can anyone assist me where I have noticed that the Analysis View is not updated after i have performed the consolidation process. of course, the necessary dimensions are provided during the consolidation process.

Is the analysis view set up with update on posting, if not you will need to run the update on the view manually

Sorry to mention that I have checked the check-box “update on posting” in the Analysis View Card. with the above option checked, and when I have tried on any journal entries. it works and get updated into the Analysis View table upon posting of entry. But however, it seems that the Analysis View table never get updated if those entries are posting from consolidation process. whether the console processes were came from the function either Import Database or Import File options. Is it bugs for Navision?

What version are you using?

Hi Jonathan, I m using Navision Attain 3.60 version.