Analysis Report based on Item Category Code?


Can we base a Analysis Report on Item Category Code?

I want to analyse my sales based on the Item Category Code, can Analysis Report be used for this purpose?

How to define template for it?

Hi Dhan,

The item category code is not stored on the tables that the analysis reports work off (Item Analysis View Entry - Table 7154). As alway you can customise for this or derive a dimension from the Item Category Code

Thanks for your reply Dave,

Any further directions on how to derive the dimensions from item Category code or how to customise?

Hi Dhan,

If you want to analysis historical data then the easiest would be to the Update Item Analysis View codeunit (7150) and insert it as a dimension code so the standard report will work. Another suggestion is to validate/insert in the dimension code when the Item category code is validated on the item table.