Analysis Dimension- Show as Column

hi all,

anyone knows where to find/ set/ edit show as column list in form 554 Analysis By Dimension?
I could see >> Division, G/L Account, Period, Salesperson, Staff
after i created a new Account Schedule Name(previously was taken from analysis view),
it shows only>> Department, G/L Account, Period, Staff


I think Salesperson is you dimension and previously it is showing because you have mention that dimension in Analysis by Dimension.

Kindly check


“salesperson is your dimension” not sure maybe you can elaborate further how do i go about checking/ verfying it?

If you have defined salesperson as dimension then you need to select that while creating Analysis view .

hi amol,

I would like to view division as my dimension but unfortunately it doesnt appear. Salesperson code, dimension, is selected in my analysis view card already. This time round i choose the code from account schedule in my analysis dimension form 554.

In analysis dimension form 554, under general tab, initially the field place there was analysis view code, i had since changed it to account schedule name because i would like user to select acc. schedule name instead of analysis view code.

in my acc.schedule name (P&L STD), i had check that the column layout was using Default Column Layout (P&L STD), and the analysis view (P&L STD), the analysis view (P&L STD) card was verified as mention above that dimension was already setup to include division, but still i cant view them [:(]

hi amol,

Sorry maybe i didnt explain properly,
the drop down lists show as column & show as line doesn’t show division at all