Analysis by Dimensions shows Calendar Quarters not Fiscal Quarters

My Fiscal Year is 06/01 through 05/31. Analysis by Dimensions shows Calendar Quarters. How can I get the Columns to honor my Fiscal Quarters and Fiscal Year. I am using NAV2009 SP2. Thanks

go to the analysis view form and change the calendar source from system period to accounting period.

I apologize that I have looked all over in Object Designer | Form and through the menus but cannot find Source Calendar change options. Can you direct me more specifically… thanks so much.

Acc.Sched overview form, bottom left:


1 / 7 / 31 / 3 / 12 / {three horizontal lines}

respectively mean

day / week / month / quarter / year / PERIOD

but that will not help, if you want columns for more than ONE period, say, Jan / Feb / May or PER1 / PER2 /PER3.

Here Comparison Date Formulas come in, for period they are FY[1] for 1st Month or 1st whatever your FY period is.

Do search for Comparison Date Formula here in forum, I’ve posted about this many answers before, as well as other members…