Analysis by dimensions: filtering on amount field - NAV 5.00


I would like to show only the lines where the total amount is not equal to zero but i can’t apply filter with success.
Has anybody got a solution ?

Thanks in advance for your help


Its not possible in NAV, but still there is a solution…

Export your Analysis View to Excel - that will create an Excel Pivot Table. There you will have enormous possibilities to “slice & dice” your data - far more than in NAV, just to mention several levels of grouping by row/col, adding new calculated fields, filtering rows/cols etc. Most important - in NAV form you can`t see entries with BLANK dimension value.

such filtering is possible in Exclel 2007 Pivot table only - earlier versions doesn`t allow that. In 2007 there are added options like “Fitler by Value” and “Filter by name”.

Generally, I dont like Office07 because of its Barby house like interface, but MS has added much new analytical & graphics functionality to Excel07, so I forced myself to use it [:^)]