Analysis by Dimension columns

On the Sales Analysis by Dimension form, there is the facility to select what is shown in the columns. In Cronus, for example, Item, Location and Period are always present and also 2 additional dimensions (CustomerGroup and SalesPerson). Looking at the code behind the form, it appears that a third dimension could be added to the list but I can’t find how to do this? Can anybody give me a clue please? Many thanks

Navision has to prepare data for Analysis by Dimensions in separate tables (look at tables 365 to 367). These tables have room only for 4 dimensions. But you can display only 2 in Analysis view. You need to play with Excel for more dimensions at the same time or use some other tool (like Business Analytics for Navision).

Gary – you are on the right track… Sales Analysis by Dimensions can show any 2 of up to 6 possible dimensions – 3 fixed (Item, Location and Period) and up to 3 additional dimensions that you choose. The additional dimensions are selected when you define the Analysis View. Follow the lookup for the Analysis View Code on the Sales Analysis by Dimensions form, and you will see the list of Sales - Analysis Views that have been defined. In the demo data, the ‘CUSTOMERS’ Analysis View has 2 optional dimensions defined and the ‘DEFAULT’ View has 3 optional dimensions.