Analysing file in uniform

I am trying to read from a binary file, but the problem I keep bumping into is that my instream object keeps breaking at 00 hex characters. I would like to navigate thought the file as a continues string. This is because my file is completely random and the size is considerable. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated!

Hi Francois, what are you reading it to ? What is your plan for the file ? I’m used to read binary files using the “File” type variable. and set the Textmode to false, then you can read byte by byte into CHAR variable and then do whatever you want with that. Option 2: use InStrm.EOS to determine if you are at the end of a stream. The read command for a stream reads to the next 0x00 or to the maximum of the variable size. But this is far to difficult. regards Thomas Brodkorb