Analysing Database Test Report

I am new to the Dynamics user group and I am pleased that there are so many knowledgeable and helpfull people about.

I am in the process of merging one company’s data into a Navision database and I have run a maximum test on the Navision Database to check for anomolies befor inporting the new data.

The report was sent to a text file for analysis and showed up over 500,000 errors. All of the errors are reporting “Such and Such” does not exist.

As I am new to Navision, would anybody like to tell me if this is normal or excessive ?

Also, what are the general views or a shedule for running the database test?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

You probably checked secondary keys.
If a value does not exist, it is registered as an error. So by just creating the value in the primary table, you can eliminate a lot of errors (each time the value is found in one of the tables, it is a new error).

I checked everything when running the test including field relationship between tables.

Is it “normal” for users to be able to delete records referenced by other tables without the system alerting the user to this fact, as oposed to deleting a normal record ?

In some tables it is possible. For example deleting a Payment Terms. There is no check if it is used or not.