Analyses by Dimenstion

Hi, If I want to use “Analyses by Dimenstion” granule, what are all the granules I need in the License. If I have basic dimension is it not enough? or Do I need “Advanced Dimension” granule to access this? Regards M. Ramanath

Yes - you need the advanced dimensions granule.


Advanced Dimensions 4,780 This granule gives you an unlimited number of dimensions to use in transactions in all ledgers. You can name all the dimensions as most appropriate for your business. In addition to an unlimited number of dimensions, the granule includes advanced dimensions functionality. With this granule you can: - Set up rules for how to combine dimensions and dimension values. This will help you control the use of dimensions and make output based on dimensions extremely reliable. - Set up rules for prioritization of default values. This gives you the possibility to define dimension rules to fit your specific business. - Set up and use analysis views. In analysis views you can analyze general ledger transactions per dimension and combine dimensions as you please. You can also include budget information in analysis views. You can combine analysis of dimensions with the use of account schedules. Analysis views are a very advanced way of analyzing data with dimensions information. Requirements: Basic Dimensions