An unexpected tag was found in the Help file

Greetings, I’m using Navision 4 SP1 SQL Version and I’m trying to figure out why one of the client computers is getting the following error: “An unexpected tag was found in the Help file C:…\pp_t.hh” I thought this might have to do with an IE setting as the help uses ActiveX, however, I have no luck even after lowing all the security settings as low as possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Can you tell us exactly what you did to get this error message, so we can try to reproduce?

This error occurs on a fresh install of the client on Windows XP. Simply by opening the Navision client the error pops up after it loads. You have to click past it before you can continue to use the application. Very strange.

whoa that is some message… I’ve never seen it before, and my fresh 4.0 SP1 install on XP works fine.

Looks like a corrupt file, see the “4” about half way down the page, it should be a “<” Just replace that file formt he one on the CD.

Thanks David, I replaced the “pp_t.hh” file and all is good.

Pseudocode, thanks for the reply. It is always appreciated to get feed back to close out an issue.