An other user have changed Table.Field

Help. I am using Interim Table or Temporary Table (A). This is real table. This table consist one field and that is a Primary field of other table (B). I use this table (A) to save temporaryly a number of records that i calculated by using a Report form table (B). After that, the table (A) is used by a dataport to export data from table (B). So evry time i am using table (A) I first have to dele all the existing recods. And then i insert the new records. The problem is that some times i get message that after i read the table(A) onother user have changed it. This message remain repeated until i exit the Navision Application. Any suggestion please.[?] Abdul

Hi! Hmmm … I’m not sure if I realy understand your problem … when you say “temporary table”, do you really have a table(-variable) with property “Temporary” is set to “Yes”? If so, why/when do you have to delete the temporary records? Or do you mean you store records in that table (and database) - temporary - to delete them afterwards? And what about the Primary Key in your TableA? If it’s just one field for the amount of records in TableB, coould it be that you somehow RENAME a recordA? Well, but maybe you just could set a LOCKTABLE(TRUE) when starting your transaction!?

Let me make it clear Joerg. I mean second situation: “I store records in that table (and database) - temporary - to delete them afterwards”. Given that TabelA has only on field it is the primarykey. And it contains the ID’s of number of recods that i have to export by using dataport. This is working mostly. But sometimes i get message that another user has changed it after last time that i used it. If i set LOCKABLE(TRUE) how can i then reset it.

A tablelock is automatically released after finishing a transaction, e.g. by using COMMIT