An Issue for Num Seq.


Without using number sequence functionality, how can I generate a sequence through coding ?

For example, Lets suppose I have 5 fields in my table, A,B,C,D,E. After creating the form of the table, when I shall click NEW button on the form, A must be initialised with +1, of previous stored value. For example, if the previous value stored is 8, then on clicking NEW, it must be 8+1 = 9. How can I achieve this ?

Hi ,

You have to use the following Code in Datasource Create Override method, The Field A should be as Integer dataType.

int Counter;

MyTable _MyTable; // which contains your A, B,C,D,E fields



select maxOf(A) from _MyTable;

DatasourceName.A = _MyTable.A + 1;

Note: If you have included Number sequence concept in this form you have to remove it,

Hope it will work


Thanks for your advice, but I am not getting the desired result. Please suggest me the other possible ways.


Dear Pioneers,

Share your opinions please !!!

If you don’t need the value immediately when a record is created, you can assign it directly in insert() method.

Nevertheless if duplicate values are not acceptable, think about what happens if two users try to create a new record in the same time. Number sequences would deal with that for you - but it’s your responsibility now.