An another string trick?

Hi everybody Is it possible to do something like For Count:= ‘A’ TO ‘Z’ do something Thanks

Yes Make Count Type Char Paul Baxter

Yep: Fill an array with all charakters, like this: FOR i := 1 TO 255 DO allchar[i] := i; And now you can use a REPAT UNTIL Loop to use this array. ------------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert CYCOS AG System Engineer EMail:

You could do but seems a lot of work when you could make Count to type Char and all works fine. Paul Baxter

Thanks Paul It is very efficient But it is possible to retrieve the Ascii code of a character? Thanks

chr := ‘A’; i := chr; i contains 65. Reijer.

Yes but FORMAT(Count) gives the Text string you require. Paul Baxter (I may have misread you reply Christophe but you can have either the ASCii value as Reiger say or the Text Character as above). Edited by - triff on 2001 Sep 14 12:36:52