Amyuni PDF Converter

I am trying to produce a series of PDF files based on one generic report. I have tried using Acrobat Distiller, which works to a point, but I seem to be having problems with the same output file being used for each report file, and I really need more control over the output file names. As far as I can tell this is not possible with Distiller (unless anyone can here can prove otherwise) so I am looking at other products. Based on recommendations on this site I have downloaded a demo version of Amyuni’s PDF converter (developer version 2.5). However, I have not been able to get this to work. Here is the code I am testing with: vPDFPrinterCntrl.DriverInit(‘Amyuni PDF Converter’); vPDFPrinterCntrl.DefaultDirectory(‘c:\temp’); vPDFPrinterCntrl.DefaultFileName(‘c:\temp\amyuniop.pdf’); vPDFPrinterCntrl.FileNameOptions:= 1+2; vPDFPrinterCntrl.SetDefaultPrinter; REPORT.RUN(50004,FALSE,FALSE,vPremiumRec); vPDFPrinterCntrl.RestoreDefaultPrinter; vPDFPrinterCntrl is the common driver interface control c:\windows\system32\CDINTF250.dll. The printer name ‘Amyuni PDF Converter’, is the name that appears in windows printer control panel. When I run this goes the report printing dialog appears and then an error message ‘Printer not activated, error code -22’ It seems that I have missed something here - has anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Peter, You might want to check out for a complete PDF utility designed specifically for Navision. It might save you a lot of time and effort. Full information about the utility complete with demos on the web site. Regards,

Hey Peter I had the same issues 3 months ago. I believe the printer has not been enabled. Here is a sample of what I did. PDF.DriverInit(‘Amyuni PDF Converter’); PDF.DefaultDirectory(‘C:\TEMP’); PDF.FileNameOptions := 1+2; PDF.DefaultFileName(‘C:\TEMP\Customer.pdf’); PDF.SetDefaultPrinter; PDF.EnablePrinter(‘Evaluation Version Developer’, TextLicence); REPORT.RUNMODAL(80001,FALSE,FALSE,Customer); PDF.RestoreDefaultPrinter; PDF.FileNameOptions := 0; PDF.DriverEnd(); TextLicence is something you have been given during installation. It is also in the Install.ini file of your installation directory. It seems to have worked for me after these changes. Let me know how you go with this.

Munib - After I posted this message I did try the enable printer command and still couldn’t get it working. However, I’ve come back to this after the weekend, had another look and immediately saw that I made an error in specifying the key and now have this code working. Tony - I will follow up on your suggestion concerning Altus. Thanks

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hi Munib

can we get report in PDF format without using PDF creator .

i mean do navision have any option of making PDF Reports with in?

Hi Yogesh,

Try to search for PDF Creator. There are lots of post regarding this PDF option.

thanks Ernst

i am asking that, is there any other mean to create PDF Report?

Yes and if you use search, then you’ll see.

The most easy way is to install a PDF driver (could be any PDF program). And then you just print your report to this driver (the driver is installed as a printer).