Amount to Customer in Sales Header

Hi All,

The Field Amount to Customer in sales header table is not updated when the field Amount to Customer Sales Line has some amount.

Why ??


I don’t know the particullar field, but the reason is probably because it’s updated through the release-routine.
Have you tried to look at that one?

The “Amount” flowfield in the Sales header targets the line amount in the lines.

This field is zero until you release the order.


Could it be possible that the said amount be updated before the approval (release routine)?

Easiest way is to “Release” - and you can “Reopen” it again as many times you want. “Release” is not actually an approval of Order/Invoice - it simply locks document for unwanted occasional editing and lets other users consider it being completed in contrary to Open ones, which are still in blueprint status and might be still changed/updated or even deleted.

Besides, if you just want to check the Amount (and possible taxes), you cah hit F9-Statistics, a form will pop up with all summaries displayed. Adittionally, this form is the place where you enter Invoice Discount (as you may know, its different from Line Discounts) and see how it will affect Amount Total etc.

To All,

I have created a Sales Order with Quantity & Price.

I have seen some value in the field Amount To Customer of Sales Line ( Sales Line - Zoom).

I have not seen any value in field Amount To Customer of Sales Header ( Sales Header- Zoom).

Just add the field Amount To Customer in the Header part and see the Value as is in the Line part.

Note :-

There is no need to touch the Function Open and Release to see the value in the field Amount To Customer if the field is added in the header part you can see value without any cost . I have released the Order and see the field Amount To Customer of Sales Haeder (Sales Header- Zoom ) Zero.