Amount Rounding


I have a Question about rounding in NAV 4 sp3…example is When Im try to purchase the Item, the Amount is rounded.

Example is:

Item = 923.22 and iapply a 12% VAT in it…but when I tried to check the Amount in GL entry…It rounded to Nearest.

But I want to achieve no rounding in any amount…like my example above…the 12% of 923.22 is 110.7864, But when I check it rounded to

110.79…did my Setup is wrong…Hoping for your reply.[:)]

The amount fields in the Purchase Line table is being rounded based on the AutoFormatType and AutoFormatExpr (Currency Code) properties of the field.

That means you can see in the Currency table what rounding has been selected.

In G/L Setup you have Amount Rounding Precision and Unit-Amount Rounding Precision. You should look at those fields. Those fields aren’t displayed in G/L Setup you must edit it directly in table or make it visible. If you are using currencies you should look at Exchange Rates.

But Sir, how I can setup that my Amount is not rounded…

you set your decimal place formats to 0.00001 or however many you want, or also in the format 2:5 depending upon where you are looking, although all currencies are rounded to a set international standard as you do not have a half of your lowest denomination, hence the rounding.

You must always round. If I’m not in mistake in Navision maximum decimal fields in line amount is 5. I don’t know any country that doesn’t have a standard in terms of rounding. For example in Portugal line rounding and invoice rounding is defined in 2 decimal places.