Amount must be negative in Gen. Journal Line

Dear Everybody,

When I post Credit Memo with Amount =o. (InvoicePromotion) receive alerts error :

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Amount must be negative in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name=’’,Journal Batch Name=’’,Line No.=‘0’.

Pease fix Error. Thanks very much.

Credit Memo with Amount=0 can not be posted, in fact, there is nothing to post - such document doesn’t have effect on any account, be it GL or Vendor/Customer.

If for some reason you need to send a hardcopy of such strange CM to your Vendor/Customer, you can create & print it out, then delete it, as you will not be able to post it, and there is no need for it to be posted as explained above.


If you want to post the credit memo then put some value in the amount and then use 100% line discount so the effect is nil.


Narayan Seshaddri

Well, be careful, the following:

can cause unwanted amounts in AR and Discounts Given GL accounts, if discounts are set up to be posted in GL…