Amount Decimal in Navition Attain 3.60

can anyone assist on the configuration of amount decimal in Navision attain 3.60? how can i go about to configure the system to display in 5 decimals through out Navision Attain 3.60; and system only captures 2 decimal point during posting of entry? Thanks

What about rounding on currency?? :slight_smile: And in financial (GL) setup?

As i found the setting in G/L setup, application tab; it has two fields were talking about displaying of decimal in Navision system; there are, i) Unit-Amount Decimal Places Field ii) Amount Decimal Places Field but however, i wouldn’t know where to configure in order to allow system captures only 2 decimals during posting of entries. anyone can assist in this issue?

Short answer: 1) G/L Setup.“Amount Rounding Precision”, and 2) Currency.“Amount Rounding Precision” Long answer: One of the first things that Codeunit 80 - “Gen. Jnl. Post Line” does is to run the following test:

IF Amount <> ROUND(Amount,Currency."Amount Rounding Precision") THEN FIELDERROR(Amount ...); IF "Amount (LCY)" <> ROUND("Amount (LCY)") THEN FIELDERROR("Amount (LCY)" ...);

So, for each transaction, the Amount field is tested to insure that it is properly rounded according to the specification of the “Amount Rounding Precision” on the Currency record (note: when the Currency Code is blank, the InitRoundingPrecision function on the Currrency record is called, setting “Amount Rounding Precision” to the value that is specified in the “General Ledger Setup”.“Amount Rounding Precision”). Then, the “Amount (LCY)” field is tested to see if it is rounded to the ‘system default rounding precision’ (i.e., ROUND function called without specifying the [Precision] parameter). So, where does the ‘system default’ come from? This is a deep mystery – here’s my guess: Codeunit 1 - “Application Management” contains an entry point called “ReadRounding” (function ID 19). This function gets the GLSetup record, and returns the value of “Amount Rounding Precision” field.

My apologies – I posted the previous answer thinking this was a ‘Developer forum’ question – perhaps my answer was not quite appropriate for the ‘End User Questions’ forum. Setting the ‘system default’ rounding precision (changing the “Amount Rounding Precision” field on the General Ledger Setup record) cannot be done very easily by an end-user because:

  • The field is not displayed on the G/L Setup form, and
  • The field cannot be changed once any posted G/L entries exist.
    If you have not posted any G/L trx (or you can start over with a new company), and you can get to the Object Designer, Tables and Run the General Ledger Setup table, you may be able to change this field. It’s not pretty – you may want your MBS partner to do this step (and take the heat if it’s not done correctly.) The ‘default’ value for this field is set in the table design – and changed by the Localization team for your particular version of the database. Usually they get the value right, and you don’t have to deal with it. Hope this helps.