Amazing, impossible etc. with Dimensions

There is a mandatory dimension. And there is a Posted Sales Invoice and one line does not have the dimension, which definitely should be there! I wonder if there is any other possibility than someone turned the mandatory dimensions off while creating the document for this to happen? I doubt this person is capable of switching the mandatory setting off. Anyone has had similar problem with Navision 3.60? Annar

we have a LOT of problems with Dimensions in 3.01 make sure to apply all current hotfixes

Is the Dimension missing from the G/L Postings for that line or just the Posted Document Dimension!

Its missing in table “Posted Document Dimension” that is connected with “Sales Invoice Line” and “G/L Entry” tables. Thats the weirdest part! The whole process went thru okay even tho it was not supposed to!

Ok is there anything different about this line? Back to Back applied to entry or anything else? If several lines posted ok and one was different then it is likely to be a setup issue somewhere that causes the exception, or the user did unset the mandatory condition just to get the document posted!

There was a known issue in 3.60 that if a sales line had no dimensions associated with it then the mandatory dimensions were not checked. This was fixed in Codeunit 80 at the 3.70 release.

Here is the scenario: Settings: At least two responsibility centers must have Dimension Value posting ‘Same Code’ Insert new Sales Order Choose a Customer Choose a Responsibility Center (that has same code mandatory dimension value) Insert 2 lines of resources Choose dimensions for them, one is different than Responsibility Center one Change another Responsibility Center (also with Same Code Dimension) Move from Responsibility Center field to Sales Order Lines, answer yes to the change question One of the Sales Order Lines is different from Resp. Center Same Code one Post the Order (Ship and Invoice) Look for the Posted Invoices = one of the lines has different dimension in “Posted Document Dimension” than in line. Anyone else manages to reach the same strange result?