Always get null value when consume web services

Hi, i have a problem with consume web service.

i already test on WCF client test , the value is exist, but in dynamics AX the value always null. i tried refresh , update, and deploy service reference in visual studio but still same.

to make sure, i create c# application and add wsdl to service reference, and the value is exist same with WCF client Test result.

what can i do for show same result with WCF client test ?

for information, wsdl link generated from OSB


this debug from dynamics ax (xpp)

this debug with c#

This is result on WCF client Test

Can you explain better what you are doing ?

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hi all,

thanks for response my question.

i get web service link from oracle service bus (OSB), and then they OSB team create modification on their wsdl.

i had consume wsdl for AX with add service reference on visual studio.

before modification wsdl link by OSB team, the record is still have null value, after they fix it, in WCF client test is running well with no null value, but in AX still same ,even though i had refresh , rebuild , deploy ,clear cache, cil, and compile c# project on AOT but still not changes.

so in yesterday, i tried make new C# project with same wsdl link ., and the result is good, i dont get null value anymore.

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