Alternative Ship To address


Running Nav2009 SP1

Using RTC

If we post a shipment and have an alternative ship to address when we post the shipment the following error appears and the shipment note does not print.

“Rendering output for the report failed and the following error occurred: The hidden expression for the table ‘table 4’ contains an error. Input string was not in a correct format.”

However if you go into Classic you can print it OK

Please help

Looks like the report is modified or custom made - you should contact your Partner who did it, as standart reports work fine.

If something is messed up while modifying, sorry, only the author can help you. Although the report is the same, bad design can lead to your situation, when it works in Classic, but fails in RTC.

Actually a bug in 2009, SP1 and R2.

Microsoft confirmed. THey will be releasing a fix.
In mean time they told me what to edit on the report.

Hi we got exactly same scenario with you. How do you edit the report?

Thanks… Hope anyone can answer