Alternative Routing and BOM

Company has the choice to produce same item, two totally different ways for finishing operation. It just depends on quantity : small quantity goes to manual cutting machine, big quantity goes to automatic cutter. There is also an impact on BOM Does someone already face this kind of issue were sale department only confirm one article and production can choose between several ways of producing Thanks

Hi Vincent This may help (a bit[:D]) Go to the routing you have associated with the end item sold to the customer, create a new version of the routing. Similarly create a different version of the Production BOM. When Production load the order they can define the routing and BOM versions on the line of the order. These fields are hidden from view as standard. The only consideration here is that the choice is manual rather than auto selected based upon the quantity to be produced.

I agree with Steven (versions). You stick to the standard. Otherwise you have to make customisations whichs are in your case perhaps not so easy to define.

Hi Vincent, I have faced the same problem before. What we used is as follows: 1. We setup a definite set of versions for both BOMs and Routings. We have defined some rules that if BOM version A then Routing Version to be used is A, If BOM version B, then Routing Version B has to be Used so on. 2. We have made a small customization in the Prod. Order so the user can select a version then system suggest the corresponding version rule to be used. Thnx,